Sharing data for sustainable chains

The goal of FarmDigital is to get easy and single data import for multiple use, focussing on compliance and sustainability data. Furthermore the data-infrastructure and services have to be of economic value for farmers. Therefore FarmDigital delivers three results: 

1. Open information Architecture;
2. Proof of Concept;
3. Business model.

Business model

Within FarmDigital we will deliver possible business models that can be used when applying the OIA. Questions about ownership, added value, costs and alike will be answered in this part of the program. 

Open Information Architecture

It is an illusion and undesirable to think that all current applications can be replaced with one system. In complex international chains we don’t see any dominant chain player that can introduce such a system. An Open Information Architecture (OIA) that is adopted by multiple players has already proven to solve this issue in a lot of other sectors. 
FarmDigital strengthens chain transparency and sustainable production by deleting barriers, that prevent the sharing of data. Currently the sharing of data and the integration between various software applications leaves much to be desired. Therefore we develop an OIA, that is based on a ‘Service-Oriented Architecture’ (SEA), which is developed within the European Future Internet project FIspace ( We use this architecture to build and test various Proof of Concept applications. This will lead to a data infrastructure which will reduce the costs for data collection and a more efficient way of sharing data. 




FarmDigital is a ‘Design Oriented Research’ within agriculture and horticulture. This means that we focus on solving problems by applying smart design in practice. A crucial point within ‘Design Oriented Research’ is the testing of the design through a ‘Proof of Concept’. For the testing we make use of a precompetitive platform.
The duration of the program is two years and is carried out from January 2015 till December 2016. LEI Wageningen UR is the coordinator of the program.



Proof of Concept

The infrastructure will be tested through the development of two prototype applications. This prototypes will be tested by a large group of agricultural entrepreneurs to ensure that the finished prototype is applicable internationally. The application will be linked with current applications of various software developers like: CROP-R, AgroVision, AgroSense, Akkerweb, Dacom and the data services of LEI Wageningen UR (Bedrijveninformatienet). The two applications are:
A ‘Compliance Service’ which supports farmers in satisfying the quality requirements. Automation and data sharing makes the completion of questionnaires and gathering of evidence documents easier and lowers the administrative burden for quality assurance.
A ‘Sustainable Service’ which supports farmers in improving their sustainability. Which will give direct insights in the sustainability of their agricultural products. This can be done through self-assessments based on data input and data-exchange with other applications.